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OK..... this is my real 'Battle Field 1942' fansite.... the other one was a anyho hope you enjoy my new site.... I know i do... MUAHAHAHAHAHA.... sry... anyho I will try to update this site as much as i can.... or till i get bored with it... lol.. welp... on your marks... get set... BROWSE!

Site Moving
OK once again this site is moving... to a better hosting service... YAY!... AD FREE! ...any ways ill keep this page up till further notice

New News in the Important News
This guy ask me to add sumtin which i did cause... get this... HE ASKED... Ill add anything if its reasonible : )

Friends Clan
The United Assualt Force team is looking for some new members.As of now we have 51.I am looking for experianced clanners who understand teamwork.Every spot is open for now but I would like some naval members and some tank crewmen.To join UAF you must have or plan to get Gamespy Arcade.You must be online a lot and participate in most of the meetings and matches.My email is in the email you must add what division you want to join you can only join one. The choices are Infantry,Air,Armored,and Navy if you choose navy please specify what ship,Aircraft carrier,Destroyer,or Submarine.Also in the email please describe your clanning background and experiance and what you expect of UAF.

Kyles S.N. is Corsair
My S.N. is Stingers Revenge
Hope To Meet you!
His E-mail

Remember ppl that I do have a Forum... its I admit a lil' shitty... but meh... who cares u can post news up there I will read through it all if I got the time... thank you!


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