Battle Field 1942 War Zone

U.K.?? wtf is that

On this page will be 6 of the... how ever many U.K. units that are in the game.... plus i gave the name and the discription on the units... except for that loner to the right -------->

but seriously whats the U.K.?

M10 Wolverine

Lightweight and equipped with a high-powered anti-tank gun, the American M10 Wolverine was designed to be a tank destroyer. The M10 had mobility and long-range capacity, which made it an effective weapon as long as it stayed out of range of heavier tanks. Unfortunately, its lightweight construction made it vulnerable within range of a bigger tank such as a German Tiger.
M4 Sherman

The U.S. M4 Sherman was not the most powerful or most heavily armored tank on the battlefield, yet it served its purpose as a very reliable fighting machine. Because more Sherman tanks were produced than any other tank in World War II, these tanks often out-numbered enemy vehicles. The Sherman was arguably the most important tank of its time.

M3 Half-Track

The American M3 armored personnel carrier (APC) was one of the most widely used half-tracks in World War II. With wheels in front and a tank-like track system in the rear, the M3 served many purposes. Able to carry up to 12 men, the M3 could also tow artillery or be equipped with a variety of armaments, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, heavy artillery, and mortars.
Willys Overland Jeep MB

This versatile 4-wheel drive vehicle could go places that couldn't be reached by any other vehicle, and the U.S. produced more than 700,000 of them during WWII. The Jeep could be used for short transport trips, reconnaissance, and even for fighting when fitted with a machine gun. Jeep comes from the pronunciation of GP, the abbreviation for General Purpose vehicle.

M7 Priest

The M7 Howitzer was built to fulfill the growing need for mobile firepower to support frontline soldiers. Built on the chassis of the M3 Medium Tank, this full-track, self-propelled gun was created with enough armor to protect itself and enough firepower to support infantry operations. The Priest was one of the best howitzer carriages in the early part of World War II.
Spitfire Mk VB

First produced in 1938, the Spitfire played an important role for the Allied Forces until the end of the war. Over time, the Spitfire was modified to incorporate heavier armor, better machine guns, and a more powerful engine. Renowned for its sleek design and unique oval wings, the Spitfire had the speed and maneuverability to counter Germanys best fighter aircraft.