Battle Field 1942 War Zone


this is my news page.... well... if there was really important news itll be here... like... armagedon.... lol ...just jokes... but you get the pictures... only the most important will be here

This mod takes place in the time around 1940 and 1941, when the power of the
Wehrmacht was reaching its peak. Forgotten Hope will bring you two new armies:
The French and Italian Forces. But there are also new weapons for the Germans
and British armies planned, and later on also other new nations will make their
way into the mod. It is aimed on adding more Realism to the game also. Tanks
will have proper loadouts and armor values (ramming jeeps into them will not
damage them like how it is now in BF1942). Bombs will do more damage. Grenades
also. There will be new maps, which will be based on historical battles in that
time period. Dunkirk, Invasion of Crete, The Greek isles, North Africa, Belgium,
France, Battle of Britian etc. For more info go to

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Forgotten Hope Mod

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